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Archive of Dissent

Exhibition by Peter Kennard
Whitechapel Gallery, London

July 23 rd – 12 th Jan 2025


Archive of Dissent shows work from the nineteen seventies protesting the Vietnam
War up to the present wars in Ukraine and Gaza. It takes place in Whitechapel
Galleries 5/6/7 in what was once a historic library known as the ‘People’s University
of the East End’ which served the diverse community of children, women and men of
all nationalities and beliefs in the 20th century. It was a place where world events
were read about in newspapers, leaflets, books and periodicals by Eastenders
including writers, artists, anti-fascist activists, workers and the unemployed. They
used the library both as a sanctuary from poverty and as a place to develop radical
and dissident ideas about art, literature and politics. I hope my archive follows in that