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MAY NOT Rear Window interview for Telesur

at Edinburgh Festival: DEMOTALK 2014

Harold Pinter reading WAR at opening of ‘Award’ at Henry Peacock Gallery, London, 2004

Harold Pinter reading WAR at kennardphillipps’ opening of ‘Award’ exhibition at Henry Peacock Gallery, London, 2004 from kennardphillipps on Vimeo.

Harold Pinter reading WAR at kennardphillipps' opening of 'Award' exhibiting at Henry Peacock Gallery, London, 2004.
WAR is an anthology of poems published by Faber and Faber, 2003 ISBN: 9780571221318

Harold Pinter's response to world events is always pure and simple: he writes with an economy that throws the stark light of truth onto any given subject. There is no fudge, no dallying, no compromise.
The eight poems and one speech published here testify to the strength and lucidity of his unwavering view on war and provide a declaration for humanity.

Portrait of a Head

Portrait of a Head from kennardphillipps on Vimeo.

Collabrative piece between artists kennardandphillips and musicians Modern Borders.

Music by – Modern Borders

Mastered by – Sundaymusiq

Images by – Kennard and Phillipps

Edited by – Like My Flex


Crisis Cabaret by Hayley Newman from Kristian Buus on Vimeo.

Cabaret Duchamp, a one night only performance at the Barbican in London. The pennies in the performance was made by Cat Phillipps and used in the March for Alternative demonstration in London 2011.


kennardphillipps installing the exhibition DEMO at City Hall, London in 2004

to die for