kennardphillipps - artists peter kennard and cat phillips

Everything Must Go billboard intervention, Bristol

Lowkey Jazz Café gig, poster & set design & custom t-shirts 2021


Capital City – Exhibition Design for London College of Communication – 2018


Courrier international cover

Education Is Not A Crime campaign

street commission, Shoreditch,London,2016 for Education Is Not A Crime

STATE OF THE NATIONS commission Chapter Arts, Cardiff

Democracy Devoured

American ideals are in tatters, with the rich living in policed penthouses and the poor against a backdrop of drought, disease, and poisoned water. Donald Trump was elected on a post-fact wave of anger to sort it all out, but he only aims to divide and profit from the scrap heap that Earth is fast becoming. His simplistic, violent rhetoric originates in his self-perception as a king. He believes that corporate might is an absolute right—no matter the destructive impact corporations have on the planet and its people. Will such an outrageous, belligerent soul ever compromise or embrace cooperation? Because he likely won’t, resistance is required. As Walt Whitman, the great American poet of democracy, wrote: Unscrew the locks from the doors!/ Unscrew the doors themselves from the jambs!/Whoever degrades another degrades me.

The visual statement for the latest issue of Foreign Policy magazine


Here Comes Everybody Travelling Gallery tour, Scotland, 2016-2017

Along with Glasgow based artist Scott Lang and the Travelling Gallery crew we set up War On War Room studios for a few days at a time in Easterhouse, Castlemilk, Boghall, Kilmarnock and Irvin, and worked with people living there to create their own critical art, showing what they struggle with and hope to change.

All the new work went into Here Comes Everybody as it moved along touring Scotland to public audiences up and down the country.